Fresh Start

Starting something you feel called to do is HARD. And sometimes you may be called to start something but then have to take a step back from it to really fulfill it to its full purpose. That would be the case with this blog. I’ve learned so much about myself since I started it; I’ve gone through some rough but also wonderful seasons in my life that have grown me as a person. I want to start new with this blog having the same goal as before with the same beginning (my story) but with a different mind set. The biggest thing I’ve learned in the time I’ve stepped away from here is that I don’t have to be perfect or fulfill any pressures put on me by myself or other people. I simply must strive to do my best in what God calls me to do and have the most fun that I can. I’ve come to realize that even the fashion people I look up to are still real people who wear t-shirts somedays and go through real life crap. I’m a very real person and I intend to stay that way and be transparent on here. I want this to be a fun AND encouraging blog, so from here on out I will have some posts that are about fashion, makeup, girly stuff, etc. and other times I will post encouraging serious stuff. I want to bear my heart to all young women out there who have a love for girly girly things but sometimes need a boost of confidence, which most of us do; so with that I will share the things I love and the things I learn and it will be a journey together.


~Randi Katheryn~

How do you think?

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel

I know, I know, the more popularly heard quote is: “classy and fabulous”, and while very true, this one spoke more to me today. This isn’t a post of fashion or beauty, but yet in a sense it is. Just a quick thought for the day: positivity. So many things in our lives get us so wound up, stressed, and sometimes down right DEPRESSED. I mean now a days we go, go, go, and worry, worry, worry; we don’t stop and appreciate what’s good. But we control our happiness and we can choose how we look at life. Negativity and worry cause doubt, which affects our whole mannerisms and appearance; and not in the most flattering way . But confidence is rooted in positivity- about one’s self and one’s life. Albeit hard, I choose to live life looking at the positive aspects of my life and to be grateful for what I have been blessed with. What will you choose?


Inspire. That has been (and forever will be) my life word. This is  how I would best describe the way I am choosing to live my life; to inspire, and to be inspired. To explain how this life altering word came to me, I have to tell my story a little bit. Well, it starts in middle school (EW. Just EW.) when I was a very awkward middle school girl who wanted to be different and thought that meant I had to wear baggy shorts and t-shirts (like a boy- 180 degree difference from who I am now).  And while dressing this way is fine if it’s for you, it wasn’t who I really was. Because of two really inspirational women who were mentoring me (Jen, Angie- if you’re reading this I love you both!! <3), I began to realize I could dress like a girl and still be completely different than anyone else; unique. Although these women were great and I was beginning to find myself, I was in a terrible place for my self-esteem. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by clique-y girls who often made me feel ostracized in a sense- outside of the circle always. This and other relational hardships led me to feeling pretty low about myself. Until the summer of 2012 I didn’t even know how bad I felt about myself- this summer is when I almost stopped eating (thankfully I have a mom who is SUPER and called me out on it and helped me through it!)- but I was now in a new place surrounded by wonderful people and when I FINALLY realized that the way I thought about myself was in my control and that it was currently very warped I worked very hard to change my view. So I was inspired. I realized that I am made perfectly the way I am and that others saw what I couldn’t- true beauty. WE ALL HAVE THIS!!!! Every single girl has something beautiful about her and we all have it in our control to have a beautiful personality full of confidence. We ALL have flaws, but if you think about it you only see your own; like a lens for seeing yourself and another for seeing others. One lens sees everyone else’s beauty, while the other sees ourselves as “not good enough”, not how culture tells us we should look. So, (I know this is lengthy, bear with me) my thing is I’m passionate about fashion, beauty, AND encouraging young women they are beautiful. How can fashion and cosmetics help people feel truly beautiful the way they are? Simple. When you like how you look, do you walk with more pep in your step? I do. And I did, until I learned it was okay to be confident and that when I was other people saw what really was beautiful about me- who I am. So now I can be confident regardless of what I wear- on my body or my face, but I love fashion and it will forever be one of my gifts and I bet if you’re reading this you kinda like it too. ;) Therefore, I wish to inspire you…..

Grad_invite-4 Me-no makeup